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Seat Belt for Recumbent Trikes

A seat belt for a recumbent trike is great for riders who need just a little more support and security.

Recumbent trikes are inherently stable and, for many riders, there’s no need to wear a seat belt. However, for some special needs riders, a seat belt harnesses can definitely be a terrific asset!

Seat belt for recumbent trikes

Seat belt for recumbent trikes

4 or 5 Point Harness

This seat belt we recently fitted has a 4-point harness system (i.e., the harness comes over both shoulders and around both sides of the rider).

Seat belt for recumbent trikes

5-point harnesses are also available. A 5-point harness has an extra strap that runs between the rider’s legs and underneath the seat.

The 5 point harness system is great for special needs riders who tend to slide down the seat.

(We know the seats are comfy and fun to slide down, but when riding it’s better to stay firmly on the seat for safety reasons!).

Seat belt for recumbent trikes are easy to adjust

Seat Belt Harnesses Fitted for Comfort

Harnesses can be easily adjusted to make the rider feel secure and comfortable.

One thing you could think about adding would be some sheepskin seat belt buddies to make the harness a touch more comfortable.

Seat belt for recumbent trikes

Racing Harness Adds to the ‘Coolness Factor’

You have to admit, that a seat belt adds to the ‘coolness-factor’ of the trike … especially when it’s called a 4 (or 5) point racing harness! Who wouldn’t want to wear one?! After all, there’s no way an upright tricycle or bicycle comes with a racing harness!

Want to know more? Give us a call today. We’re happy to talk with you about how a recumbent will best suit your needs.

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