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We’ll endeavour to have a good selection of HP Velotechnik recumbent trikes here and all models of HPV will be available to order through Queensland Recumbent Trikes. You can view HPV’s site here and we’ll try and have relevant info here as well. You can also use their configure system to price different trikes and their accessories (select Australien & Englisch to continue).

Any prices here are as a guide only to the likely cost in Australian Dollars along with currency conversion factors, freight, import tariffs, fees and GST.

HP Velotechnik from Queensland Recumbent Trikes

With best result on the podium again – HP Velotechnik celebrates that their recumbent factory has been ranked best special bike manufacturer by the German dealer’s association VSF for 2018.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride – recumbents and trikes are the perfect form of transportation for active people and these are made by the industry best.

HP Velotechnik have been working since 1993 on creating the best range of recumbent bicycles and accessories you can buy. We welcome you to take a look at the details on the following pages.

10 year warranty

As a purchaser of a new HP Velotechnik recumbent, you can obtain an 10 year warranty on the frame. To qualify for this warranty, please register within 4 weeks after your purchase with the form attached to your manual at HP Velotechnik.

Important notes for your 10 year warranty:

Your dealer has to fully set up and adjust your bicycle, so that safe function is guaranteed. The dealer has to make a final safety check and carry out a test ride. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.
Your dealer is obliged to ensure, among other things, that your bicycle is not affected by defects which materially diminish its value of suitability for the described purpose. The exact details will vary according to your country. In Germany, this liability ends two years after purchase.

Further warranty information

…is available here: HP-Velotechnik or you can ask us questions: here.

HPV Gekko fxS

HP Velotechnik fxS
HP Velotechnik fxS

A great trike for shorter people

Gekko fxs: the trike that grows with your needs.

Shorter people in particular, often had to settle for solutions that were far from ergonomically beneficial for their anatomy – now the Gekko fxs comfortably adapts to their needs!

And now comes the Gekko fxs!

HPV Scorpion fs 26

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26
HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26

A great ride – nuff said

HPV Gekko 26

A great ride – great price

HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 26
HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 26