Electric Assist and Australia

Electric Assist Road Rules

In Australia the road rules dictate what standards are required for a person to be able to ride a bike/trike on the road or in public areas such as parklands and footpaths, etc.

Australia Border Force and Australian Customs regulate what can come into the country and do so based on European Union Standards. EN15194 is the standard and there have been a few variations

Requirements for power assisted trikes

Bicycle road rules and safety – includes recumbent trikes

Queensland, as do other States in Australia, have a long list of rules…

When you ride a bicycle or power-assisted electric bike (also know as an e-bike) you must obey the general road rules the same as other motorists, as well as the specific road rules for bicycle riders. Electric bikes have additional rules you need to follow.

QLD Road Rules Check your State

Bicycle riding and mobile phones

If you think that it is now more “phone free zone” in your car/truck, don’t think that getting out of there and jumping on your comfy chair (recumbent trike) is any less a “phone free zone”. Holding a mobile phone in your hand or resting it on any part of your body when riding is illegal – even if you’re stopped in traffic. The phone does not need to be turned on for it to be an offence.
Qld Gov and Trikes

Electric Assist – Recumbent Co

In keeping with the above content, we do not attempt to import trikes/bikes that are not EN15194 compliant. Many manufacturers produce e-trikes that are suitable for regions outside of Australia but that are not legal to use on Australian roads. In general, a trike fitted with a motor such a Bafang brand, even though it may be limited to a power level of 250 watts, it is still not EN15194 compliant. These trikes we cannot import as these items will likely be returned to sender by Australian Customs, with costs.

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