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Take the hard work out of Cycling

SHIMANO STEPS E6100 is a premium e-bike system of components that are installed on an e-bike to deliver a fully enhanced riding experience. It’s the most versatile system in our collection, built on the latest technologies developed for our successful e-MTB system which serves as the industry’s benchmark. You will find the SHIMANO STEPS E6100 e-bike system pre-installed on a wide variety of brands and models.

Shimano STEPS E6100 - E8000
Shimano STEPS E6100 – E8000


Powerful lightweight motor designed for optimal power transfer to deliver maximum distance and pleasure

  • Extremely low weight of 2.88 kg
  • Smooth, intelligent pedalling support that’s easy to operate
  • Narrowed pedal-to-frame width for a natural riding feel with increased comfort
  • Sleek, compact, integrated design that blends in with bike frame
  • Incredibly durable for all weather conditions
  • Drive unit saves 20% energy (vs E6000) for increased range
  • In Start Mode (Di2 only), bike automatically shifts down to a low gear as you stop, preparing you for an easy start


Fast-charging, high capacity Li-Ion battery gets you there … and back!

  • Supported travel up to 185 km on one charge
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss
  • Quick charging time for those who are always on the go
  • Bikes also come equipped with new, compact design 418Wh or 504Wh down-tube battery to widen your options
  • Power-assist mode and capacity / travel distance (based on combined rider/bike weight of 100 kg, traveling on flat roads in minimal wind at 23 km/h using 7th gear (NEXUS Inter-8)

Technical specifications

  • High capacity Li-Ion battery for superb reach: 418 and 504 Wh for rear-carrier-mounted (2,550 g), 418 Wh for external downtube-mounted (2,660 g)
  • Quick charging time (EC-E6000 charger) of 504 Wh: 80% in 2.5 hours, from 0 to 100% in 5 hours
  • Quick charging time (EC-E6000 charger) of 418 Wh: 80% in 2 hours, from 0 to 100% in 4 hours
  • After 1000 charges: retains 60% of max charge
  • Built-in charging port to charge battery without removing it
  • Current existing battery line up is compatible with new Drive Unit series

Fully automatic shifting

Steps E6100 display
Steps E6100 display

You can use fully automatic shifting by combining either our DU-E6001 or DU-E6010 SHIMANO STEPS drive unit with the Di2 internal gearhub. Based on cadence and speed, the SHIMANO STEPS system automatically tells the Di2 hub what gear to shift into. Expect a smoother riding experience because you won’t be breaking a sweat about whether you’re in the right gear or not.

When you need to come to an abrupt halt, SHIMANO STEPS will automatically shift down to a lower gear as you stop at traffic lights, for example. And give you that extra surge when the lights go green again for an easy start.

STEPS E8000 display
STEPS E8000 display


Sleek, modern, fully integrated drivetrain with up to 263% gear range. Very lightweight for increased responsiveness.

  • Fully automatic shifting (Di2 only) for a more natural riding experience
  • Designed for use with internal gear hub or external gearing
  • Compatible with NEXUS Inter-5E, our new dedicated e-bike internal gear hub designed to handle all unique demands specific to e-bike riding
  • External gearing options are electronic 11-speed with Di2-compatible rear derailleur, or mechanical 9-, 10- or 11-speed shifting
Shimano STEPS E6100 - E8000
Shimano STEPS E6100 – E8000