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Recumbent Company will endeavour to have a good selection of the Big Cat recumbents at hand but all models of Catrike will be available for order through us.
You can view the full stealth and exhilaration of the Big Cats here: Big Cat HPV.

Once you have made your selection, you can use that information to better explain to us your requirements. Our: contact form.

Any prices displayed in the Catrike section are as a guide only to the likely cost in Australian Dollars along with currency conversion factors, freight, import tariffs, fees and GST.

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Warranty Registration for Catrike is: Catrike Warranty Registration.
Big Cat HPV, LLC warrants Catrike tricycle frames and steering components against defects in materials or manufacturing for 5-years, while owned by the original retail purchaser.

Further warranty information can be found in the: Owners Manual.
Warranty claim info for Catrike is: Catrike Warranty Claims.
For further info: Contact us.

Frame Colours Frame Colours

Other Big Cats available to order

HASE: Conditions of warranty and liability

The terms and conditions are based on the statutory warranty. This excludes parts subject to wear, such as the chain, tires, brakes, etc. The warranty period (statutory) of 24 months commences on the date of purchase. In addition, Hasebikes offers a 3-year warranty (from date of purchase) against breakage of the frame in accordance with the following conditions. By sending in the enclosed registration card, you can extend the warranty period to 5 years. Your dealer is obliged to ensure, among other things, that your bicycle has no defects that diminish its value or suitability for the intended use. The exact details will vary according to your country. In Germany, this liability ends two years after purchase. Your dealer must assemble and adjust your bicycle to ensure safe function. The dealer also has to perform a final safety check and a test ride.

  • Hasebikes will only be held liable for defects resulting from faulty frame manufacturing and assembly. For assembly parts, the relevant manufacturer is liable.
  • This additional warranty only applies to the original owner and to usage in accordance with the user’s manual.
  • Within the warranty period of 3 years, Hasebikes will repair, or if necessary replace, any broken frame part
    free of charge. Any defective parts replaced by Hasebikes become the property of Hasebikes.
  • Any further claims beyond the scope of this warranty are excluded. Hasebikes will not cover the costs of assembly or disassembly (e.g., by the retailer) or shipping. We will not accept postal deliveries with insufficient postage.
  • The maximum permissible load (rider and luggage) of 120kg (265 lbs) specified for the trike must not be exceeded.
  • If the trike is used in competition or subjected to abnormally excessive stress, the statutory and additional warranty becomes void.
  • Damage caused by accidents is not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty becomes void if the trike has been fitted with incompatible accessories or if accessories are installed incorrectly. Therefore, always have components replaced and installed by an authorized retailer.
  • The warranty becomes void if improper modifications or alterations (e.g., grinding, drilling, bending, etc.) are made to the frame.
  • It is not possible to extend the warranty or commence a new warranty period.
  • Warranty claims can only be handled by the authorized Hasebikes retailer from whom the trike was purchased or by one of our distribution partners.
  • The trike may only be ridden by children under parental supervision.