Arkel Lifetime Guarantee

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Life Time Warranty

From Arkel: If you ask us, a guarantee is like a sacred promise. It’s that simple. So when we guarantee something, we stick to it.

Arkel offer a lifetime, transferable, no receipt needed guarantee on the workmanship (meaning the product has no inherent defect to it), stitching (meaning NO stitching will ever rip), aluminum hooks, rails, nuts and screws, and inner stiffening backplate. None of these will ever break. And if one should, you can be sure that we’ll repair it!!! If it can’t be repaired to our high standards, we will replace it.

Note that Arkel do not guarantee abuse nor the wear and tear of the fabric and zippers.

At Arkel, we are only satisfied when we create the best. It’s who we are… it’s all we do.


…our favourite panniers, are now available to order and some actually here in stock.

At this point we will only have a very limited inventory for Arkel but if there is something you want, please let us know.

If you want multiple prices added, check the item and press Calculate button/link. For the Arkel website click here.

Australian Dollar Guesstimation.
For other configurations, please contact us.
[avail] = available to view by appointment ~ [no] = not available to view.

CheckITEMPrice AUD
Arkel RT-60 Recumbent Trike Pannier
* pair
$ 670.90
* pair
$ 657.12
Arkel RT-40 Recumbent Trike Pannier
* pair
$ 422.90
Arkel Dolphin 48 Pannier
* pair Red
$ 405.53
Arkel Orca 45 Grey Pannier
* pair
$ 336.64
Haul-It Yellow
* unit
$ 322.86
Arkel Bug
* unit
$ 319.57
Urban Signature V
* unit
$ 265.36
Urban Signature D$ 237.80
Tailrider Yellow$ 182.69
Recumbent Seat Bag Yellow$ 112.44
RT60 Rain Cover
* pair
$ 72.47
RT40 Rain Cover
* pair
$ 72.47

Arkel RT-60 recumbent Trike Panniers
Arkel RT-60 Recumbent Trike Panniers – this one is our favourite.
Arkel RT-60
Arkel RT-60
Arkel RT-60 Recumbent Co
Arkel RT-60 Recumbent Company