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Recumbent Trikes are fun and safe, suite a wide age and ability range. Please take precautions to protect yourself and others when out and about.


Bicycle riding and mobile phones (Qld)

To keep yourself and other road users safe your full attention is needed when riding. Using a mobile phone held in your hand when riding a bicycle is illegal—even if you’re stopped in traffic. This means you can’t:

  • hold the phone next to or near your ear with your hand
  • write, send or read a text message
  • turn your phone on or off
  • operate any other function on your phone.

We were not aware of this until we found this info – check in your area.
One thing to remember when you add lights, be careful when thinking of adding “blue” coloured lights as I believe it is illegal on public roads in Australia.
Yes, in the rules they do say “Bicycle” …but arguing that point may prove costly. They also say in the same set of rules, you need to have one leg each side of the seat, and all I can think with that one is to ask the officer: “How” and show him on a recumbent it is difficult to ride with one leg each side of the seat.

In Victoria

What counts as a bicycle (bike)? inter alia …tricycles.
Mobile phone use by a rider of a bike: Using a mobile phone is prohibited, except to make or receive a phone call or to use its audio/music functions provided the phone:

  • is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the bicycle, or
  • can be operated by the rider without touching any part of the phone, and the phone is not resting on any part of the riders’ body but can be in a pocket.

Using a phone as a navigational device/GPS while riding is prohibited unless it is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the bicycle.
All other functions (including video calls, texting and emailing) are prohibited.
The penalty is a fine of $476. Demerit points do not apply to bike riders, but do apply to drivers of motorised vehicles.

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