Warranty on the trikes we sell is provided and conditioned by the individual manufacturers. You can contact them directly. If you have purchased your trike though us you may also contact us to find out what to do, we may take steps on our customer’s behalf to deal with the manufacturer.

If you purchased your trike from another shop or seller, please go through them as your first point of call.

Approved warranty is only to be carried out at/by Recumbent Company (RC) place of business unless otherwise approved by RC and is further subject to Manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

It is the customer’s responsibility to return the item to Recumbent Company premises and further to the Manufacturer’s place of business as appointed by them at the customer’s expense, as well as return freight costs from the places of repair to the customer. Items must be packed and padded securely to prevent damage, goods damaged in transit are the customer’s responsibility. Consider transit insurance.

Not every issue will be covered by warranty.

For example a frame may have a 10 year warranty, but if you try taking a shortcut under a bus, especially when it is moving, should your frame become damaged, it is not covered by warranty. If you hit a pothole that is big to cause damage, ie: you break one or more spokes and/or bend the rim, the damage is not covered by warranty.

Things like shortcutting under a moving bus and similar, are considered use outside the scope of the equipment. If you purchased from us and have a question, here us as we are happy to give or seek an answer for you.

ICE – Inspired Cycle Engineering

ICE Recumbent Trikes

10 Year Warranty

Frame, seat and steering!

Register your ICE trike to receive our 10 year warranty. If you do not register your trike you will be limited to a 1 year warranty.

The warranty is available to the original owner for 10 years from the date of purchase.
It guarantees certain items on the trike (frame are free from material and manufacturing defects.

For more information, you can contact us here or from ICE: here …well worth a think and a look.


Warranty on the Greenspeed trikes is provided by and regulated by Greenspeed Trikes. You will need to contact Greenspeed.
On occasions items need to be returned to Greenspeed and the buyer is responsible for packing and freight.