Recumbent Trike Test Ride Now

Test Rides

All visits and trials are by appointment only.

We are not always here due to our not just sending you a box with bits in it, but actually constructing many different brand trikes, road testing recumbents many of those with client specific modifications or services. Because of the time we spend with clients, we may only be able to assist one or two clients on any one day.

We may be able to conduct a test ride immediately or we may be totally unavailable for days [weeks, months]. If you are intending to purchase your recumbent from another seller, please use them to arrange test rides and gather your information. It is a service they should provide to you.

Due to unusual conditions around the world, many recumbent manufactures have very long wait times before they are able to provide product. ICE for example could be 12 to 16 weeks lead time, Catrike 26 to 32 weeks!

Something to take into consideration before a test ride: We don’t sell trikes we are likely to have trouble with, that is: poor quality or poor manufacturer (warranty) support. A recumbent trike will cost upwards of $3,000 and the average trike is about $5,000 to $8,000 while the top end trikes with all the bells and whistles can be greater than $10,000 or even $20,000++.

Please contact us to set up a time for your test ride in advance. We want to make sure we’re here to answer all your questions and give you the time you need. We often take trikes to customers and conduct final set-ups on site so it is possible if you just rock up, we may not be here. We can arrange test rides after hours as well as on weekends.

If you do not need to wear a helmet for medical reasons, we suggest you have your medical certificate with you, otherwise please bring a helmet.


While riding a recumbent trike is relatively safe, there are possible dangers in most activities. Riders must accept full responsibility for their own safety on the test ride and for getting set up for it (Please bring your helmet and foot-ware).

Before any test ride, riders (or their guardians if the rider is younger than 18 yrs old) are required to sign a RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Link here: Test Ride Agreement PDF. Photo ID is required (ie: drivers license). You can print the form yourself or sign one before the test ride.

Special Assessment Trials

If you have a special need or disability, please let us know your situation before the test ride so that we can discuss and help to make the trial ride as practical as possible to your circumstances. Some disabilities can require more specialised assistance and modifications. Each trial is handled on an individual, case-by-case-basis. In some instances, based on information you provide before a trial, we may be able to say we don’t envisage being able to help.

For special riding needs, setting up a trike to meet your needs can take a lot longer. Our fee for special assessment trials or those to be arranged through an occupational therapist (NDIS, DVA, etc), are in advance of the appointment and minimum of $380  (max 2 hours). If you expect a longer session, our additional hourly rate is $85 for previously arranged appointments time permitting. Depending on your requirements, there may need to be other considerations made – talk to us. For trials away from our premises the cost of us travelling under 120km with equipment and staff is $2.00/km one way (ie: includes return trip), or $85/hr, in addition to the trial fee.
For distances greater than 120km and less than 200km :$2.42/km one way
For distances greater than 200km :$4.00/km one way.
Prices may also vary depending on trikes available or those requested for a trial and trial timings (ie: overnight travel for us).
NDIS and maximum charges for a trial (2 staff) is $193.99 per hour, our travel speed is limited to about 80km per hour.
10:30AM is the earliest we can start trials due to preparation time involved.

If you have been quoted a different or price the aforesaid need not apply.

By engaging our services and equipment for a trial, does not bind you to buy a trike at all, nor does it bind you buying a trike/bike from exclusively us. That freedom though dictates we cannot travel 300km and provide vehicle, staff and equipment for free or for those costs to be offset/included in a possible purchase.

Deposits can be made by direct deposit so you/we can keep track of the payment or you can pay on the day. Payments by credit card attract a 2% service fee. Please note that if you transfer money via online banking, it may take several days from some building societies and a couple of days from some banks and we won’t know you have made a deposit. Directly to the National Australia Bank is extremely quick. Using PayID to make a payment will generally complete the payment in less than one minute. Many banks have set up PayID in your account and all you need to do is activate it (one time).


Sorry, we don’t provide trikes for hire, use in competition, “trials” or similar events/venues.
We do not allow trikes to be taken away unattended.


Information that helps us know if these trikes are suitable for you:

Fitting you up at Queensland Recumbent for a Test Ride

To help us match you with the right trike, please advise us of your:

  • X-Seam – measure from the back to the heel only, not the ball of the foot leaning away from you,
  • seated arm length,
  • height and your weight (+-).

Of all these measurements, the most important is the X-Seam and weight. However, depending on your posture or disability, etc, trike adjustments can likely be made.

If you feel unable to make a decision with one test ride, you are welcome to discuss it with us further. We realise buying a recumbent trike can be an expensive purchase, we don’t expect you to make decisions on the spot, especially if you have a riding difficulty.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk about your individual needs. We’d love to hear from you.