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Riding Recumbent Trikes with Children

When riding recumbent trikes with children, there are a number of options to suit your family.

Option No. 1 – Baby Bike Seat

The first option for riding recumbent trikes with children is to mount a baby seat on the back of your trike. This works really well and makes a compact, safe and sturdy unit that you and your little person will love!

Add a baby seat to your recumbent trike

Because the baby seat is close to you as a parent, you are able to supervise your child easily, especially when one of your mirrors is set to focus on your child. You can talk with him or her and respond easily when he/she points out the passing bus, car or bird!

Add a baby seat to your recumbent trike

A baby seat on a recumbent trike offers your child an excellent view. On a two-wheeled bike, a child in a bike seat is hidden behind the rider. On a recumbent trike, the child can see more of the world around him/her.

Add a baby seat to your recumbent trike

Recumbent trikes come complete with a flag to make sure everyone sees you coming and going. High visibility to other road users is always a good thing when it comes to riding with your child!

Finally, there’s plenty of room to carry bags when you’re riding a recumbent trike with your child. Rear right of the above picture is a recumbent with a 60 litre quick release pannier. A weather proof duffle bag can also sit neatly under the seat – on this one just above the electric assist battery.

Add a baby seat to your recumbent trike


Have you seen what happens to a bicycle with a rack on the back when you let them go… that stand always seems to know just when you need it and it folds or just can’t reach out far enough. A recumbent has it’s feet firmly planted on the ground, even if you forget, and provides excellent balance. Luggage and baby stays put, upright and safe.

Stability at Rest asleep
Stability at Rest (asleep)

Option No. 2 – Trailer

The second option for riding recumbent trikes with children to accommodate younger children on your recumbent trike is to attach a trailer. This involves adding a connection point to your rear wheel. It’s a simple and easy process.

Have a look at the Hase Trets which is a truly versatile trike. Overtime, it transforms from a jogger to a trailer bike, to an individual trike. Because it is so versatile, it accommodates riders from 2.5 yrs up to 12 years of age. Add 40 litres of weather resistant carry pack pack on the back and you have it covered.

Plenty of luggage carry capacity

Option No. 3 – Tandem Pedal Power

As your child grows, they will want to do more than just sit and observe the world whiz by. They will want to pedal as well. This is where a tandem set-up works perfectly.

Tandem Pedal Power

Tandem pedal power

A tandem arrangement with recumbent trikes involves connecting two trikes together so the the back trike is controlled by the front trike. The back rider is able to pedal and contribute with pedal-power. However, the ultimate control remains with the parent or front rider.

This is a great set-up for children who need a little help to keep up with the group or who need some extra support.

Option No. 4 – Independent Riding

Once children are more competent, they are able to ride independently.

Have a look at the different types of trikes specifically designed for children including Hase Trets and HPV Gekko FXS. Both of these trikes will ‘grow’ with your child as they are expandable – boom bars extend and, in the case of the Gekko FXS, the seat expands. This means that your child will be able to ride these trikes for many years to come!