Greenspeed Recumbent Trikes

The HASE BIKES factory has been building exclusively specialized cycles since 1994. Unique bikes and trikes that offer incomparable riding enjoyment and freedom of mobility without sacrificing perfect practicality. Just what you’d expect from a company where all of the employees, from designer to packer, are true cycling enthusiasts who have turned their passions into professions.

We are building our resources but we are able to order any of the products available through HASE. You can visit the HASE website and see other products here: HASE Bikes. You can use the Hase Configuration system here: Hase Config or you can let us know what you would like and we’ll do our best to help you here: contact.

Any prices here are as a guide only to the likely cost in Australian Dollars along with currency conversion factors, freight, import tariffs, fees and GST.

Terms of limited warranty

The terms and conditions are based on the statutory warranty. This excludes parts that wear such as the chain, tyres, brakes etc or damage from transporting etc. Always consider insurance for shipped items as couriers/freighters do not supply shipping warranty by default. Some claims may be possible on house and content insurance, check with you insurer.
The warranty period (statutory) of 12 months commences from the date of purchase. In addition, Hase offers a 3 year warranty (from date of purchase) against breakage of the frame in accordance with their conditions. By sending in the enclosed registration card, you can extend the warranty period to 5 years.

Register Warranty

Remember to register your warranty here.

Close to Christmas and Just for Fun


Hase Trets REH
For you, it’s a jack of all trades: a pedal-powered child trailer, a cargo trailer, or – with optional features –even a jogger.


Hase Trix
Movement is essential to life.And sometimes a vehicle is essential to movement. With the TRIX, young people with a handicap can experience ­independent mobility and movement.

HASE Pino Allround

Hase Trix
The for-anything-and-anytime bike: be it tandem, family taxi, or cargo bike the PINO ALLROUND is the perfect bike for cycling duos and for anything you need to carry from A to B.


The entry-level model for the HASE fun class and the chassis for many adaptive trikes.