One of the most requested items our customers ask for is for a Trike that will hold a larger weight capacity than our standard 275lb weight limit. We spoke with many dealers and customers and asked them for a “wishlist” of items they would like to see on such a Trike.

Trident Titan
Trident Titan

The wish list included:
Folding- and flat folding preferred
Higher Adjustable Seat & “Helper Bars”to make it easier to get in and out of.
A 180kg (400LB) rider weight capacity.
As light weight as possible.
High End Components.
Wide gearing range.
Don’t break the bank- something in between the price of the 2 main choices- Rover & Magnum.

With the Titan, we have successfully achieved everything on the wishlist. First and foremost was to insure that the Titan could handle the weight capacity- here’s how we did it. The Frame has thicker tubing, the wheels and spokes are heavier duty, the seat frame as well as the rear seat attachment are now Steel instead of Aluminum as on our other models. The biggest issue by far though was the hinge. There are 2 competing issues with hinges- if you put the hinge on the top it is much easier to fold. If you put the hinge at the bottom it is much much stronger, but it makes it incredibly awkward to fold because you have to lift the hinge up from the center instead of just folding the rear wheel over the top. At Trident Trikes we always think outside of the box , so we thought- Why not BOTH?! And while we are at it- let’s make the wheel fold flat!

We are pleased to introduce the rotating flat fold hinge. As you can see in the folding sequence, the Trike has a tube in tube design. First you release the locking mechanism, then you can rotate the hinge. Lastly once you have folded the wheel over, you can rotate it to do a flat wheel fold!! This gives us the strength to hold a 180kg (400 LB) rider !!

The Trident Titan will also feature adjustable seat height – 14 5/8” to 16 ½” as well as a Quick Release seat angle adjustment. “Helper Handlebars” are also included to make getting in and out much easier- especially for people with physical disabilities.

Lastly are components. The Trident Titan will come standard with a Samox Crankset (52/42/30) with 165 mm Crankarms , and a Chainguard, a 9 speed 11-34 cassette , Avid BB5 Brakes, and Schwalbe Big Apple Tires. Finally we made the decision to use Trigger Shifters. We love Trigger shifters, but they are not easy to use when they are mounted vertically. Since the Helper Bars are horizontal, it is the perfect choice.

Long Booms are also available (USD$50 additional plus freight etc) to accommodate riders up to 51″ X Seam

The Trident Titan weighs a ‘svelte’ 44 LBS. The Titan is available in Carolina Blue or Wolfpack Red.

E-Titan: not legally suitable for Australian market.