Folding a Trike

Space Required

The space required for the folded trike can vary a little depending on your personal adjustments and added extras.

During normal riding it is good practice if using sprocket or chainring gears, to change to a slower gear to make it easier to start off again. This is also a good practice for the folding operation as it will elevate some tension on the chain – try and have the chain on the smaller front chainring and about mid way through the rear sprockets. With internal gear hubs and single front chain rings there is nothing to be done.

If you have electric assist on the front boom, generally there are no gears up front so make sure the chain on the rear gears is put to the smallest sprocket.

The boom can be extended to 10″ (250mm) or taken down to 0″ (we won’t convert that one for you).
The boom, depending on your gearing configuration, could also be readily removed if size/space is critical.

With the quick release levers on the “Chain Gobbler”, the boom can also be readily released to allow pedals to be swivelled to a horizontal plane (applicable on the early Magnums only).

Magnum extras
The Magnum, for this example, has the boom length set at about 6″ (150mm). This has no additional influence this time around, but having the boom fully extended may add a centimetre or so.
The trike pictured above has the seat at full height with minimum recline (fully upright – less reclined).

Step one: Remove any extras like top box and safety flag.

Step two: Undo the seat support quick releases (L-R)
Magnum seat quick hitch

and remove the seat struts.

Magnum seat struts

Step three: Undo the lower central seat quick release.
Magnum seat QR

Remove the seat.
Magnum Seat Off

Step four: Press in quick release button and remove front wheel.
Magnum Wheel Off

Magnum Wheel Off Left

…and repeat for the other side. Keep track of right and left wheels for tyre tread pattern direction.


Step five: Undo frame quick release, swing down and then un-pin (triple action required).

Magnum frame QR

Step six: Fold the trike frame.

Magnu fold size




As you can see, remove the mirrors (one side), stack the parts a bit neater and use the quick release on the handle bar (one side) and it can be quite compact.

To put back, simply reverse. Check wheels for original tread pattern direction. Compare to rear wheel.


Width about 820mm
Height about 820mm
Length, about 940mm, with rack about 980mm and with top box rear mounted, about 1140mm.

You may want a small cover or old towel for the forward sprocket assembly.

Two Magnums could share some space.

In this example we have the rear wheel, accessory posts, grab handles and mirrors in place.
A bare bones Magnum can be packed up very tidily.