Queensland Recumbent Articles

Trident Trikes Talk

We are currently discussing the pros and cons of importing Trident Trikes as our new entry level trikes (Sorry, we ...
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A Spark from HPV

It is usually a very long wait for orders through HPV but it seems they have seen the light and ...
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7 Reasons to Use Wide Tyres on Your Recumbent

7 Reasons to Use Wide Tyres on Your Recumbent Trike

There are at least 7 reasons to use wide tyres on your recumbent trike. By taking into consideration each of ...
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Catrike Eola

New Catrike Eola

Catrike Eola AUD Price Guide Catrike Eola Built with a purpose, the Eola features a lightweight space frame, 20-inch wheels ...
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How To Fund Your Recumbent Trike Through NDIS

Negotiating your way through the NDIS system can be daunting. Here's what you need to do in order to fund ...
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My NDIS Budget Won’t Cover My Recumbent Trike

Don't Worry: The Amount Listed Isn't Final! If you have a recumbent trike listed as a ‘line item’ in your ...
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Additional Torso Support on Recumbent Trike

Torso and or Chest Support

Recumbent trikes provide a great deal of torso support for all riders. This is due to the shape and angle ...
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ICE News

ICE Dealer News, NEW Accessories, Sit back & relax NEW SUPER COMFORTABLE ERGO NECK RESTS Even more brand NEW exciting products: The ...
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Riding Recumbent Trikes with Children

When riding recumbent trikes with children, there are a number of options to suit your family. Option No. 1 - ...
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National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS and You

If you are eligible for NDIS funding, you'll need to get your plan in, in advance and have items like ...
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Seat Belt for Recumbent Trikes

A seat belt for a recumbent trike is great for riders who need just a little more support and security ...
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High Visibility Flags for Recumbent Trikes

High Visibility Flags ... Which Colour's Best? Have you ever wondered which colour is best for high visibility flags for ...
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Luggage on Recumbent Trikes

Can I Carry Luggage On My Recumbent Trike?

Different Ways to Carry Luggage on a Recumbent Trike If you want to carry luggage, your trike is the perfect ...
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Hand Magnum

Recumbent Trikes + Disability

Down the page to: Hand Control Variations Leg or Calf Support Recumbent Smile Recumbent Trikes Provide Excellent Support for People ...
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Recumbent Trike Visibility

Recumbent Trike Visibility to Cars

Are Recumbent Trikes Visible to Drivers? - That is the Question! One of the questions we're often asked by newbies ...
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Rear Wheel Size Does it matter

Rear Wheel Size - 20" or 26" - Does it matter? Well, no - both wheels rotate and roll along ...
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Suspension Yeah or Neigh

Suspension: Yeah or Neigh? Chocolate is the easy answer. The more chocolate you eat and padding you add between you ...
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Electric Assist

It is not uncommon for people to want to include Electric Assist (a motor) when considering a bike or recumbent ...
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