Steves Motorwold

In April 2022 I purchased a Wheelchair Access Vehicle from Steves Motorwold at Deagon (North Brisbane).

During our negotiations it was said that a small amount of damage on a front passenger door would be repaired.

As a gesture I increased my offer for the vehicle to make allowance for the items needing attention and to which I considered some joint input was valid.

Items needing attention:

  • Loud squeak in side sliding door
  • Damage to door panel

When taking the vehicle from the lot for a test drive, the vehicle was started by the Steves Motorwold rep, Clive so I didn’t actually start the vehicle. On the way home I needed to stop for petrol and found it difficult to start the motor, I thought perhaps the battery needed a good charge after sitting for some time. After two hours of driving I found the battery still to be incapable of starting the vehicle in a reasonable manner. I had the battery tested ( and it showed as fully charged but with a starting capacity of only 12%.

It seems apparent to me that Steves Motorwold would have experience enough to know the battery was “cactus” and could have replaced it before allowing me to drive away. At time of writing and not confirmed, Steves Motorwold has offered to pay for a replacement battery but were not happy that I had travelled many hours away and not informed them of the battery problem before replacing it. As yet the payment for the battery has not been received. [10 days later a payment received, thanks]

I was told at the yard, Clive and an assistant had taken the vehicle for a drive and resolved the door squeak as resolved being simply the door was not properly closed. On the return home journey, the noise started up again and in earnest. The door was properly closed.

At this time I consider Steves Motorwold to be failing their word in not repairing the door (when it can be fitted into a panel repair place), not fixing the door squeak and later I found the wheelchair restraints may not be compliant with Queensland regulations so apart from the vehicle described in the road worthy certificate not being a 3 door van, may also be unroadworthy and improperly inspected.

So – in short, I would NOT recommend someone purchase a vehicle from Steves Motorwold.

2022-04-26 another update. When 4×4 Mega Centre, Steves Motorwold…×4-Mega-Centre-451104495097376/

I use a power wheelchair, which is the reason we purchased a Wheelchair Access Vehicle from Steves Motorwold, to those who use a wheelchair you’ll understand how important the vehicle is… more to follow.