If you want to have your trike serviced locally to where you live, there are many bike shops familiar with Greenspeed Recumbents which are more than happy to provide ongoing service. Some of these shops are service focussed and can deal with servicing much better than a sales focused store. We put recumbent trikes together here and can provide service but servicing your trike here is not compulsory. Servicing is not integrated in any way with the purchase price.

You can comfortably buy here and not need to do a return trip a couple of years down the track for servicing. Physically trialling a trike is far better than buying online from a picture or someone’s description. You may be surprised there’s a difference you can really feel going from a photo to an actual recumbent trike. When you put your seat on a recumbent seat you can be far more confident your purchasing decision meets your needs!

  • You can buy here and service elsewhere.
  • A service to your recumbent can be carried out by any competent bike service technician.
  • Our customers are welcome to contact us at any stage should a question arise.

We are getting out more and more, so there is always a possibility that we will be in an area near you. Should this be the case we may be able to assist you without the need for you to “go into town”.

We’re on the Sunshine Coast

…when you come, plan to make a day of it. Arrive early, experience recumbents, ask some questions then wander into the Noosa surrounds. Have lunch on the river or visit the local …beaches. When you have mulled over your recumbent encounter and return, ask further questions. Refresh your sensors with a sit in a seat or two.

We obviously can’t be next door to everyone. I’m sure our customers would generally agree that their time here is well worth the travel.

We can offer a seat in the shade and a glass of cold water and the grass won’t be that long you can’t see the trikes. Yes, we do generally have a couple or more trikes here you can get the feel of.

While the local bike shop may be closer, sometimes you can spend much more time waiting for answers or to sit in a recumbent seat. You may well leave the store none the wiser for your visit. We are not big business but have easily made up for the travel many times over.

Shopping for a Recumbent

Having been there and done that, we have an idea on experiences and important factors in such a decision.
We’ve also seen a few would-be riders coming through that have special requirements for a recumbent. We can help in many areas but failing that, we will do our best to find the answer for you.

The reality is, service plays a very small part of your recumbent. It is more important to have the right trike and be comfortable in or on your trike. They are still a large investment and you want it to be a well thought purchase.

Our thoughts on it all is we don’t want you just to buy a product. If you are not happy we’d rather you just asked questions and then go and consider your recumbent needs. If later you would like to bring your custom here, we will help you to make that happen. Two happy customers are far better than 50 unhappy customers.

Thank you for your interest and time.

Eric and Susan