ICE Sprint X Tour Fast Track Price Guide

Australian Dollar Guesstimation.
For other configurations, please contact us.
ICE Sprint X Tour 26 Fast Track$ 6,249.28
ICE Sprint X Tour FT Rear Suspension$ 1,251.67
Suspension Rack with 26 inch top bag adapter$ 453.00
Helping Handles for Sprint X$ 240.15
Easy adjust kit
* Chain tensioner for variable front boom and chain length
$ 223.82
Ergo Mesh Neck Rest
* Fits Ergo Flow and Ergo Luxe seat only, for Air Pro hardshell neck rest you need item 01589
$ 185.29
FB seat mounting bracket for taller riders
* Not for use with Adventure or AdvHD
$ 127.34
FF seat mounting bracket for shorter riders
* Not for use with Adventure or AdvHD
$ 123.72
Wrist Rest pair$ 119.25
Rain cover for ICE mesh seat Sprint with Pouch$ 54.58
ICE Flag and pole$ 47.31
RC Green Safety Flag$ 27.50

Sprint X Tour
Sprint X Tour Flat Fold