Unfortunately, we’ve come to a position of being unwilling to re-order or stock Greenspeed trikes.

We apologise to those that this may cause an inconvenience to. It has cost us quite a bit which if we pass on, you wouldn’t like.

In a bid for “smoother sailing” we have taken on Trident trikes as our entry level line.

Brisbane buyers:

We are not “Greenspeed” or a service department for Greenspeed. Greenspeed trikes are manufactured in Taiwan and are imported to their base is in Knoxfield (Melbourne) Victoria – Greenspeed has since been sold and my understanding is the owners are USA based: wizwheelz

We are sorry but if you have purchased a Greenspeed recumbent from elsewhere (not here at Recumbent Co), you are not able to bring your trike here for the initial free set up. You should take the trike back to the place of purchase or contact Greenspeed and ask their advice. Particularly with Greenspeed tadpole trikes, when you take delivery of the tadpole trike, the dealer must have adjusted the steering toe-in (wheel alignment) to Greenspeed’s specifications. This is not something done before the trike goes in its box from the manufacturer.

We do not carry out warranty work for Greenspeed for trikes purchased elsewhere, for such repairs carried out here, you would need to bear the cost. You should take the trike back to the place of purchase or contact Greenspeed and ask their advice for warranty claims.

Greenspeed tadpole trikes (pre-March 2020) require 1.5mm toe-in (wheel alignment). Most tadpole trikes are around 1.5 to 2mm. They are not designed to operate with wheels aligned parallel.

ICE, Hase and others…

Other manufacturers such as ICE meticulously set up and prepare their trikes and the toe-in or wheel alignment adjustment is not needed. Hase don’t make a tadpole trike so no toe-in required. For the others, you’ll need to ask but we generally check all though have given up checking each ICE due to a perfect each time record!