Construction and Communication Issues

Unfortunately the last 18 months of dealing with Greenspeed has left us in a position of being unwilling to re-order and stock Greenspeed trikes.

We apologise to those that this may cause an inconvenience to.

We are currently looking for other entry level trikes that are reliable but we expect that to be about 8 weeks away (start Nov).

Brisbane buyers:

Please note, if you have purchased a Greenspeed recumbent from other than here, you are not able to bring your trike here for initial set up or warranty repairs. You should take them back to the place of purchase or contact Greenspeed and ask their advice. Here

Particularly with Greenspeed tadpole trikes, when you take delivery of the tadpole trike, the seller must have adjusted the steering toe-in (wheel alignment) to Greenspeed's specifications. This is not something done before the trike goes in its box from the manufacturer across the water...


Other manufacturers such as ICE and HPV meticulously set up or prepare their trikes and the toe-in or wheel alignment adjustment is not needed.