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Inclusive and Assisted Cycling

Inclusive cycling is about getting everyone, regardless of ability, out enjoying the invigorating sport of cycling. Assisted cycling means that someone else accompanies the disabled rider to give some assistance and support when needed.

People often ask us about assisted cycling options. Perhaps they need a companion rider to take over steering, pedalling or braking functions when necessary. Whatever the need, there are a number of different recumbent trike configurations available.

Hase Pino Allround

The Hase Pino is a fantastic assisted cycling setup involving a two-wheeled bike which has a recumbent seat at the front. This bike operates like a normal bike, allowing the ‘back’ rider to control the bike (gearing, steering and braking) while the ‘front’ rider assists with the pedalling. Of course, if the front ride becomes too tired, they can sit back and enjoy the ride while their companion keeps them moving!

Options are available for extra support such as a 5-point-harness (seat-belt), extra torso support, leg support pedals or foot support pedals.

Pino Tour 2020

The Pino Tour 2020 is a simliar assisted cycling setup tot he Pino. What we love about this bike is the stand that holds the trike securely upright. The stand allows the front rider to mount and dismount without the bike needing to be supported. The bike remains solidly still which is often very comforting for the front ride and allows the companion rider to help make any adjustments to the seat belt and pedal supports (if fitted).

Recumbent Co - Hase Pino
Recumbent Co – Hase Pino

Trets Tagalong

The Trets is the perfect trike for a little person as it will grow with them. The Trets can be attached to the adult’s bike or trike and is pulled along. The adult in the front provides the ‘assisted cycling’ part of the team.

We have a friend who has been using a Trets for her youngest son for years. So far, it’s seen him riding around in it as a toddler (used as a trailer). As the little fellow has grown, the trike is now being used as both a trailer and an independent trike. After being towed to the desired destination, the Trets is unattached from the parent’s trike and the front wheel placed back on it. This is a quick and easy process. He then rides around on his own until it’s time to go home. At that time, the Trets is attached back onto his mother’s trike and he is pedalled safely home through all the streets.

Actually, this particular trike can be used as a jogger, a trailer bike and an independent trike. Very versatile! Great for children aged 2/5 to 12 years of age.

Flexi-Tandem Recumbent

A flexi-tandem is perfect for assisted cycling. This setup provides comfort and support for the person with a disability as well as for their companion rider.

A flexi-tandem allows the companion rider to cycle in the first part of the trike while the disabled person rides in the second part of the trike in a secure in a trailer-formation. This arrangement allows the front (companion) rider to control the speed, direction and braking of the whole module. The second rider can pedal (or not) and enjoy the ride!

Flexi-tandems are perfect for people who are visually challenged as well as those who having difficulty or are unable to operate gears/ brakes, etc.

Most of the flexi-tandems we have put together have an electric assist motor on the front trike. This is particularly helpful for the front rider if the rear rider becomes too tired to pedal or is unwell in anyway. A little extra ‘grunt’ to get up the hills is always appreciated, especially when you are towing someone!

In all honesty, we have seen many families take up the option of flexi-tandems. They often report back that their assisted cycling sessions are the highlights of the week! We love hearing how flexi-tandems have made an overwhelming difference in the lives of those who use them (people with disabilities as well as their carers!).

Hase Trigo Tandem

It is possible to daisy chain two Hase Trigo trikes together to form a tandem …

Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to cycling with a disability, we enjoying finding solutions that will provide the support needed. Talk with us about recumbent trike solutions that may help you or someone you know.