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Price Rise Covid Triggered

We received notice over the weekend there will be some substantial increases in freight from overseas (in essence: all trikes) suppliers.

We haven’t yet been given an actual cost, but it is effective as of yesterday.

When we receive more accurate info, we’ll let you know, but for now be aware the price list doesn’t generally include this price increase.

Local freight has increased about 30% by the addition of freight charges for collecting/delivering to residential addresses above those type of charges already in place. Our apologies but totally out of our control.

Also in keeping with the trend to increase prices, ICE has implemented a price rise effective immediately as the lead time for ICE trikes is now (11 Dec 2020) 12 weeks + -. This price rise would normally arrive Jan/Feb each year.

Thanks for your understanding and patience with ordering trikes from overseas in this current climate (covid, who’d’ve thought a trike could be effected by covid ! ! !).