Tadpole Trikes

New from Hase in 2020

Small Shifting Ring, big effect: thanks to the HASE BIKES accessory for the Nexus hub, it is now possible to effortlessly switch from a fixed gear to an 8-speed drive with a freewheel mechanism, and back again.

This is the perfect solution for any rider who has a hard time pedaling in a circle (= fixed gear) but also likes being towed behind another bike in trailer mode now and then (= freewheel). And riders who, thanks to the training effect of the fixed gear, have learned to apply a more circular pedaling pattern don’t have to have a new gear system built in when they are ready to ride with a freewheel and 8-speed gear system.

This is a facility we have been asked for many times and that we have asked for many times. Good work Hase Bikes from Germany, looking forward to seeing one or two…