National Disability Insurance Scheme
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NDIS Whispers

It has been whispered the funding level for Assistive Technology have recently been raised from up to $1,500 without an Occupational/Physio Therapist AT (Assistive Technology) assessment to over $5,000 before the requisite assessment.

The original $1,500 in many cases costs the participants plan quite a bit more by the time you add in Assessments and the Red Tape that rolls along with it.

Our understanding of another leg of the changes is that an AT Assessor (ie Occupational/Physio Therapist) can recommend up to the value of $15,000 without busting the NDIS "overview" bubble.

We don't know if the $5,000 non AT assessed limit would allow partial contribution but it may be worth asking. For example if you wanted to purchase a $6,200 recumbent (etc) whereby you could contribute $1,200. This would certainly take the sting out of it... Talk to your OT or PT (AT assessor).

When we hear more, we'll let you know.