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My NDIS Budget Won’t Cover My Recumbent Trike

Don’t Worry: The Amount Listed Isn’t Final!

National Disability Insurance Scheme
If you have a recumbent trike listed as a ‘line item’ in your Assistive Technology Budget, don’t worry about the amount listed beside it.

The NDIS doesn’t know the exact prices of specific items.

Therefore a ‘guesstimate’ (an estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation) is entered into your budget. This means that the amount listed isn’t the amount the NDIS is expecting to pay. It’s an estimate only.

So don’t panic or give up hope. If you have approval for a recumbent trike, it’s now a matter of taking the next step which is to …

Complete an Assistive Technology Request

Your occupational therapist or physiotherapist needs to complete an Assistive Technology Request on your behalf.

This request form needs to justify why a recumbent trike is reasonable and necessary for you.

What qualifies as ‘reasonable and necessary’ according to NDIS?

The NDIS funds ‘reasonable and necessary supports’ relating to a person’s disability to enable them to live an ordinary life and to achieve their goals.

Reasonable refers to something that is fair.

Necessary refers to something that you must have because of your disability.

Among other things, the Assistive Technology Request will include details of the trike you need, why you need it and the cost. The request is then submitted to the NDIS for approval.

It’s all part of the process.

So if your NDIS plan doesn’t appear to allow enough funds to purchase the recumbent trike you need, don’t panic.

Talk with your occupational therapist or physiotherapist to get the correct form filled out and submitted. Ask for an Assistive Technology Request to be completed.

Become more active in your community by using a recumbent trike.

Achieve greater inclusion in the community on a recumbent trike.
Achieve greater inclusion in the community on a recumbent trike.

Develop greater social networks using your recumbent trike

Ride with friends on a recumbent trike.