ICE Sprint X Tour 26 Price Guide

CheckITEMPrice AUD
ICE Sprint X 26 RS Tour$ 8,327.29
Shimano STEPS 8000 Electric Assist for ICE Sprint
* 14 Speed Rohloff hub
$ 4,673.50
Shimano Steps E6100$ 3,512.32
Sprint Front Suspension$ 893.93
On Road Pack
* Mirrcycle Mirror and handlebar accessory mount, ICE Flag, Full Rear Mudguard (fender) and High spec Shimano XT SPD / Flat combination pedals.
$ 274.45
Ergo mesh seat Neck Rest
* Fits Ergo Flow and Ergo Luxe seat only, for Air Pro hardshell neck rest you need item 01589
$ 260.59
Wrist Rests$ 149.70
ICE Flag and pole$ 61.81
Rain cover for ICE mesh seat Sprint with Pouch$ 39.21

Sprint X Tour
Sprint X Tour Flat Fold