ICE Adventure Price Guide

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ICE Adventure 20
* Suspension and 26 inch wheel options available
$ 27,309.70
Shimano Steps E8000 with 10 speed Deore derailleur gearing$ 5,136.05
Shimano Steps E6100 with 10 speed derailleur gearing$ 4,193.36
Rohloff 14 Speed Internal Hub Gears with single chainring chainset$ 2,673.50
Adventure 20 Rear Suspension$ 1,292.61
ICE Adventure 26 Rear Suspension$ 1,198.10
Adventure Front Suspension for Disc$ 1,108.17
Adventure Front Suspension for Drum$ 1,070.52
Adventure Alfine 8 Hub$ 822.67
Seat riser for Adventure and Adventure HD
* The seat riser makes the seat 4 inches (10cm) higher. Perfect for those that find the normal seat heights just too low. Generally increased rider height will reduce stability of the trike and so the seat riser is best suited to more steady paced riding.
$ 424.79
Alfine 8 Internal Hub Gears, SRAM S600 (44/32/22)$ 418.87
Helping Handles for Adventure, Adventure HD and Full Fat.
* Pair
$ 302.11
Ergo mesh seat Neck Rest
* Fits Ergo Flow and Ergo Luxe seat only, for Air Pro hardshell neck rest you need item 01589
$ 272.94
Rear BB7 caliper and 160mm Disc Adv 26$ 236.00
Helping Handles for Adventure, Adventure HD and Full Fat
* Single
$ 206.18
V-brake parking brake all Adv$ 81.94
ICE Flag and pole$ 64.74
ICE Adventure 20 to 26 inch Rear Wheel Upgrade$ 52.56

ICE Adventure 20 Fast Track