AUD Pricing

Our Recumbent Company Overseas to AUD pricing system is a work in progress. (always will be).

Currency Exchange Considerations and Why

Currency Exchange Rates

Every time those squiggly lines have a hiccup it costs you more in Australian dollars to get an equivalent overseas currency. Then you need to consider the exchange rates don't work on the 7pm daily news figures. There is a buy price and a selling price - a little below and a little above the going rate (mean rate). You can't initiate a buy of currency and then change your mind and get your capital back. There is a buyers fee. You need to complete the buy, then once you own the currency you can sell it, if people are buying, plus you will pay a sellers fee.

When banks and alike post multi billion dollar profits, surprisingly it does not come from their pleasant smiles and good looks, it comes from their customers. We don't act as a bank or currency exchange provider as we like to sleep and be able to sleep at night. We don't guarantee that while you are thinking about your dream trike that it will cost the same when you get it, as it could have when you started the process. It may be more, it may be less. Though Mr Murphy and a few others, plus the freight company, Australian Customs, Australian Quarantine, Australian Border Force and the Australian Tax Office are involved so "it may be less" is probably a whimsical dream...

Trying to predict what the value of exchanging currency between here and the UK is tricky at the best of times. Easiest way to deal with the problem is add 30% and then double it and close the shop door when things look bad. That will protect our costs to some degree but in a month, when you decide you want a trike from overseas, you won't want to pay $1,000 or $1,500 more just so we feel good, much as we would appreciate such a gesture.

Then we need to factor in for Europe and the USofA who also have varying currency exchange rates with Australia. Even home grown companies have issues with currency exchange as their parts come in a box from Taiwan who also deal in $USD and not Australian dollars. This particular price may not fluctuate in the same manner but they also don't give you an item below cost. There is planning and a margin in everything.

The choices then are like the local groups, allow a blanket safety margin or tell you what the price is on the day. If that day you aren't happy with the exchange rates, come back another day. If you are happy to gamble with a blanket fee, please let us know when we quote.

Our fix

We work out the price of the item, work out what it is going to cost in Transport, import fees and tariffs, AQIS fees and import Duty, then add GST to all the above and a factor for currency exchange rates from the relevant country ...voila!

Well, almost. There are so many combinations for the different trike models, we would could be here all year trying to present everything there is to consider. To ease our pain a little we use a selection so you can get a good idea of what the costs are. Beyond this we can do a little leg work and quote you a price.

On most product pages there should be a link (eventually) like this:

We started placing them at the bottom of each page but we have decided to go through and have a second link at the top (eventually).

Most of the suppliers are based overseas with different currency bases and different ways of presenting their prices.

Because it is so difficult to work out whats what, we are trying to write a system that keeps track of foreign exchange rates and then takes the different suppliers base rates, takes of Value Added Tax for some countries (no you don't get out of Tax - ScoMo has you all caught up with GST, Duty, fees and more fees), adds freight if applicable, currency exchange rates (ie GBP, EUR, USD etc to Ozzi Dollars) and exchange fees, courier customs handling fees and Australian GST. There are other fees that bite us on the way in, but this is just to paint a picture!

You start with a list like that below in the IMAGE (Tip: you can't select items here).

AUD Pricing
AUD Pricing

On the left check the box(s) beside your want to be included items and then click on the CALC button below:

AUD Pricing
AUD Pricing Selections - Actual Trike is always included

At the bottom after clicking CALC you will see something similar to this:

AUD Pricing
AUD Pricing Selections - Actual Trike is always included

You can check other items, uncheck (all bar the trike which will be re-added after the calc) and re-calc. Try it here:

Guide - Estimation Only

As we need to list each item, it will be in progress for some time and need review from time to time and by the time we get from one end to the other it is likely to be time to start again. If there is a particular model that we have not yet covered, or needs a particular accessory, please let us know and we will try and assist either with some information or by adding it to the price guide.

We offer this Foreign to AUD Pricing System not as strict dollar accurate pricing function but as a guide so hopefully you can get a good idea of the value. Many overseas prices are a pain for us so we guess it's a pain for you too. Thank you for your understanding. Currency rates are only updated once daily as a rule so it can change dramatically in a short period of time.


Quotation prices valid 30 days only subject to manufacturer price changes. Goods from overseas suppliers also subject to daily foreign exchange currency rate variations (for accuracy request a quote on or close to deposit payment date - deposit 75% required to order). If you ring us when the Great Britain Pound is skyrocketing through the roof and want to place an order before the cost doubles, we are likely to say sorry, can't place the order. Receiving your deposit could take a couple of days then it takes us time to conduct foreign exchange purchases, some times we can't pay for an item until it is nearly ready. In short, we don't subsidise exchange rates.


Prices on on imported trikes is extremely high. We try and include this charge on each trike effected. Depending on which trike you are looking at and what accessories you want, it may effect the freight price ie: a bare ICE FullFat may be £350 where as a fully loaded FullFat may be £450 which in Ozzi Dollars is around $690 to $800 odd. You should in your considerations plan to add about AUD$100 if you have added a lot of extras.